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Life Cover

Life Cover

Life Insurance :
You can choose the amount of cover, you can set an affordable budget, you can even choose how long you want to be covered for.

Setting up a life insurance policy to benefit your family is one of the most thoughtful, generous and selfless things you can do.

Life cover provides for your family.
It pays a cash lump sum or income if you die.
Personalise your cover for your family. We'll find the best cover for you.

You can even leave a monthly income to your loved ones if the worse does happen.

There are different types of mortgage protection: Level Term Cover and Decreasing Term Cover. The type you might need will depend on your mortgage.

Interest Only Mortgage
If you have an interest only mortgage your balance stays the same throughout the term of the mortgage. You'll need a level term policy to pay it off.

Repayment Mortgage
If you have a repayment mortgage, your mortgage balance will decrease as you pay it off. A decreasing term policy covers what's left to pay on your mortgage.

Speak with an Adviser and we'll find the best cover for you.

Life Cover

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